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Hauber & Reuther photos wanted!

Ms Eva Fritz is in the process of writing a book on Hauber & Reuther. It aims to include a complete catalog of H&R steins. There are no original catalogs known of this company, so she needs your help!

If you own H&R steins, ms Fritz would love to receive 3 photos in good quality: - side view, front view, other side view.

Furthermore, if you have any H&R steins that are marked on the base with a small marking like a little star or a little triangle, or old style German letters (so anything but the factory logo and the mold number) she would love to receive a photo of those markings, together with the mold number of the stein.
These steins are often not marked, or they are marked LB&C, TW or Plato∓Co. They often have no mold numbers or if they do, they tend to be numbers below 400.

You can send your photo's to ms Fritz at
Thank you for your help!

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